Bandpass Filter 210 VHF cavity

Bandpass Filter 210 VHF cavity

Single or double cavity bandpass filters up to 2 channels can be allocated in one 5 unit 19” cabinet. Frequency tuning and insertion loss can be regulated through adjustable loops and mechanical knobs.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency band:118 – 144 MHz
Impedance:50 Ω
Max Power:200W CW
Insertion loss:Adjustable , rotating loops

Mechanical Specifications

Connector Type:N Female
Dimension:19” rack, 5HU, depth 728 mm.
Operating Temp.:-10°C to +55°C
Tuning method:Rotary knob, telescopic movement
Band Reject FiltersChannelsCabinet 5HUAttenuation (each single cavity)
FPB210-V/11115dB ± 500 KHz 1dB I.L. at 127.5 MHz.
FPB210-V/1-1 (double cavity)1132dB ± 500 KHz 2dB I.L. at 127.5 MHz.
FPB210-V/1D2113dB ± 500 KHz 1dB I.L. at 127.5 MHz.

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