Notch Filter 210 VHF cavity

Notch Filter 210 VHF cavity

The Notch Filter is used when high attenuation is required for narrow spacing between the working and the rejected frequency. Attenuation and Insertion Loss can be adjusted by the rotating loops of the cavity. It is used for frequency spacing of 300 KHz. or less. It is installed in a single base frame 5 units 19″ cabinet.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency band:118 – 144 MHz
Impedance:50 Ω
Max Power:200W CW
Insertion loss: Adjustable 0.5 dB ÷ 2.5 dB

Mechanical Specifications

Connector Type:N Female
Dimension:19” rack, 5HU, depth 684 mm.
Operating Temp.:-10°C to +55°C
Tuning method:Rotary knob, telescopic movement
Notch FiltersChannelsCabinet 5HUFrequency Spacing
Attenuation (dB)
MCP210-V/2 TI1150≥ 25
100≥ 30
200≥ 40
300≥ 40

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