Star Combiner 210 VHF single cavity

Star Combiner 210VHF single cavity

Combiners allow several radio channels to operate at one site using a common antenna. The MCPS 210 V  Star Combiners are composed by 210mm cavities and a star connection combining from 2 to 8 channels in the VHF range. Their high power rating make them ideal for working with AM transmitters with high peak power. The input and output loops can be adjusted for the optimum combination of selectivity and insertion loss. The combiners can be supplied with or without external isolators.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency band:118 – 144 MHz
Impedance:50 Ω
Max Power:200W CW
Insertion loss:Adjustable 1 to 1.5 dB

Mechanical Specifications

Connector Type:N Female
Dimension:19” rack, 5HU, depth 728 mm.
Operating Temp.:-10°C to +55°C
Tuning method:Rotary knob, telescopic movement
CombinersChannelsCabinet 5HUTotal Height HUAttenuation dB ±500 kHz at 127.5 MHz
MCPS210-V/2215≥ 15
MCPS210-V/33210≥ 15
MCPS210-V/44210≥ 15
MCPS210-V/55315≥ 15
MCPS210-V/66315≥ 15
MCPS210-V/77420≥ 15
MCPS210-V/88420≥ 15

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